It all started when.. Part 2

When I decided to buy a smartphone with the money I earned from freelancing. Those were around 12000 pkr. I could only take out 11000 pkr. I did a lot of research, and I couldn’t decide between LG G4, Moto G4, Moto Droid Razr, Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Each one had their pros and cons. But then I saw Huawei Honor 8 Lite. It was the Huawei P8 Lite of 2017. I immediately decided this was it. I wanted this phone, in black. I got this one in 21,500 pkr. I only had 11000 but my father gave the rest of the money, the other half of it. I love him a lot. 😊

Now that I had a new phone. I could be more social on social media. I could use Instagram and Whatsapp. 

Things changed when I started to use Whatsapp and got connected again to my best friend from Intermediate (ICS),  Zeeshan Ali. 


Untitled? Part 1

I am excited. I have to wake up 3 hours from now and I could not sleep. The reason why I couldn’t sleep isn’t excitement but it can still be counted. 

Something important is going to happen today. I have to be somewhere. Where to, how, and why are the questions I will be answering shortly, if you stay with me. 

This is part 1 of a series of chained and connected events of me life. Maybe I will read them again and get in a state of nostalgia. Who knows (except Allah)..!

Alright.. Let’s get started! 

Not anymore.. Right?!

At first, they were the best coping for my lost mind.
I could forget her whenever I was with them.

I thought we’d be best friends forever, but that was all the good part.

Now I can’t stand them.
Yet I can’t stay away from them.

Why am I so confused?

They treat me like shit.
But they can’t leave me feeling shitty.

Why these dual standards?

They used to make me laugh.
Now they laugh at me.

What a turn of events.

They used to tell me jokes.
Now they’ve made me a joke.

I don’t know myself anymore.

And they don’t keep it to themselves.
They make fun of me in front of everyone.

I used to take action, but I don’t have that voice in myself anymore.

Viva Voce (Media Seminar)

I don’t have the time to write a summary of today’s events. Maybe I’ll do it later. But I’m going to tell you this. We had Viva Voce of ‘Media Seminar’ today. I was a tiny bit nervous at first, but it was okay as I calmed down as soon as I entered the office. I knew I had to clear my mind to assure I don’t get any blockades or thinking barriers. And I did that successfully too! I’m happy. 🙂 I know I did good. I was ready to answer any question I received and I did that. It was nothing like those job interviews we have been to when we really need to calm ourselves down. It was easy and sweet, though, a little short. It was fun and a pleasant experience. 🙂

I’ll write more about these exams but for now I need to go and prepare for tomorrow’s exams (News Writing & Reporting). It’s already 10:39 PM. See ya!

CRship in our class (2013-17 batch)

CRship, something which has been referred to as the phenomenon of power – has been abused in our class in the past. Although I got the better half of that, because Ali Tariq, the then CR was my friend. But things started to get complicated.

Let’s go back in time and remember what happened in Semester 1. I was the one person everyone liked, because I was nice to everyone (I try to be, so it just happens). The class just began, nobody knew anyone, but I tried communication.

I left my first school Old Ravians Public School (Shamnagar) when I was in sixth grade. And from that time till 2013, I never studied in a co-education institution. My second school was just for boys and so was Govt. MAO College at intermediate level.

I knew I didn’t had a lot of events at schools or colleges. I wanted to fill in that gap. I wanted to increase my potential. I was shy, so I started to talk to people. Conversations started happening and I made friends. Haseeb Ahmad and several others asked me to become the CR of the class but I didn’t wanted to. Even though I would’ve liked it as it felt like a privilege at that time, but I was still shy.

I was confused, and at that moment of confusion, Ali Tariq asked me not to stand up as a candidate for the seat of class representative as he wanted to be the CR himself. I accepted his request. But then Ali Tariq chose not to stand up as a candidate. Why?

I heard from Ali Tariq that he received a phone call from Ali Jan Bukhari (another classmate at that time), and that Ali Jan Bukhari was requesting him to let ‘him’ be the class monitor and Ali Tariq backed off on his request.

What happened with Ali Jan Bukhari’s career as the CR of our class is uninteresting and boring so I’ll choose to skip that part. What happened after that is that Ali Jan Bukhari had to forfeit from his post on Mam Saira’s pressure in 2nd or maybe 3rd semester (very wise decision).

I was stylized overall as the “Mr. Nice Guy” while Ali Tariq was more connected with the power group (at that time, their was a specific group of Farzan Shehzad, Ali Tariq, Hasseeb*, Ehsan Ullah, Maryam Umer Farooq, Nimra Hafeez, Saima Abdul Rasheed, Rabia Zafar, Seemaab Amjad and Beenish Choudhary which was really in power at that time because they were connected to each other). They were the ones who started the campaign for the removal of Ali Jan Bukhari while my current friends wanted him to remain the CR. Me? I was confused. Ali Jan Bukhari was not my friend but I couldn’t do it to someone. People in Ali Tariq’s group were my friends and so were the people who were still supporting Ali Jan Bukhari. Beenish came to me and asked me to help them and support their cause and speak against the CR and I literally shouted in the class. Everyone was looking at me. I don’t remember what I said but maybe it was something like “what the heck has the CR one wrong?” I chose not to take sides and when Ali Jan Bukhari was finally getting removed, Farzan came to me and said that they wanted me to make the CR but they think it is not an appropriate task for me as I am really nice and it is a messy world out there (…and so on and so forth), so they are choosing Ali Tariq. I told him that it was fine by me.

But, over the time Ali Tariq started having problems with his friends. The once power-group tore into pieces. Hasseeb and Ali Tariq started a rivalry. Don’t ask me anything about Farzan as I didn’t wanted to make him a piece of my writing in the first place.

What really happened after that is not easy for me to write. I don’t want to ruin the current reputation of our class by citing history again. It wasn’t the whole class and it wasn’t the whole group.

By the way, Ma’am Saira was replaced with Sir. Abid Tahami from the post of “Head of Dept.” and the new H.O.D. started examining the situation.


Everyone knew CR was going to change. A lot of classmates asked me to become the new CR. I didn’t had ANY interest whatsoever apart from taking the responsibility because I was sick of the way the current CR was dealing with the division in our class. Ali Tariq instead of solving issues, used to flame the fights, instead of resolving them. He failed to be neutral, his activities with B.S. Psychology are well known and if it wasn’t enough, he used to initiate a lot of problems.

Sir Abid Tahami made an excellent decision. He made Haseeb Ahmed the CR of our class. He is, perhaps the most respected student in our class. I’m saying this because I respect him. We wanted to make him a CR but he used to defer the possibility too.

But since H.O.D. commanded him and Nimra Hafeez to take the responsibilities of CR and GR respectively, Haseeb Ahmed had no choice.

Soon after he became the CR, problems started solving.

CONTINUED… (will edit and update again with more history, very soon)

Where am I when I’m not there?


Today I skipped college. And believe me or not, I regret that, a lot!

I wasn’t sick. I didn’t had any urgent pieces of work at home. I wasn’t feeling lazy. Then why did I skipped college on such a crucial day? Yes, it was crucial because our coordinator was going to complete mid-term syllabus today and I knew if I was lucky, I could get some hints about the mid-term exams.

Immediately after 11:30 AM, I started feeling guilty. I was once proud that I had maintained an excellent attendance but this was it!

I’m no longer a regular attendance.

Why did I do that? What was the reason? When I think about that, I feel even worse. I had an urgent piece of work, but that was class’ work.

Normally, I tend to avoid tedious tasks and tackle them smartly and do everything with minimal effort. But there was no way of doing newspaper work smartly. I had to do it even though I didn’t wanted to. I tried to wake up all night to complete at least three newspapers but I got unconscious and slept all night. I woke up at about 7:00 AM and realized I don’t have enough time to complete even one newspaper. I didn’t wanted to see disappointment in anyone’s eyes.

Seriously, I don’t want to do this newspaper assignment. And I know one thing for sure, I love taking lectures and hate skipping classes, but anytime I won’t be at college, it’ll be for some stupid tedious newspaper task (#AchaSorry)

I texted many friends that please note today’s “Dengue” lecture as it is going to be extremely important. But I know, the day won’t come back and I’ll regret that I disturbed my attendance and missed my classes (especially the Dengue period and Media Seminar).