The Day After Our First Mid-Term Exams

January 22, 2014 (Wednesday)
The last paper was for Introduction to Mass Communication. Somehow, exams are finally over and I don’t want to talk about them anymore, neither of our friends would like discussing them. Today was the very first day after exams. And one of the most memorable days for us in our first semester. Professor who teaches Sociology didn’t arrived. Only Sir Farrukh Chaudhary came to teach us and that was a great class, unfortunately I missed it. But fortunately, I had a great time with my friends Farzan Shahzad, Ali Tariq, Muhammad Umair, Daniyal Gill, Adnan Adi, Muhammad Bin Zahid, Hasseeb, Umar and our female class fellows Maryam (GR), Maryam, Samia, Saima (mail me if I missed someone).

Ali Tariq and Daniyal Gill did their brilliant piece of acting as a teacher. Ali Tariq did a fantastic job doing mimicry of being a teacher (or was it being a funky anchorperson) as he made us laugh out loud. Soon after that, he invited me to sang and I sang some songs. It was Albela Raahi (Alamgir). Just after that, a brilliant series of mimicry was started by Muhammad Bin Zahid. It was so hilarious that even I laughed after a very long time. Of course that long time is referred to the time before Ali Tariq’s performance.

When the girls were gone for a hangout, the male students including me, had pretty much fun. So much fun that I would remember it someday. I danced with Adnan.

We had a small get-together lunch with Muhammad Bin Zahid, Farzan Shahzad, Ali Tariq, Muhammad Umair, and Umar Munir (myself).

After that, some went to the seminar conducted about drug abuse. I thought they were outside as they didn’t wanted to get bored. But they went in and I searched them in the whole Karamat block, peeking in every empty class, thinking they hid themselves to save them from getting forced to enter the auditorium.

I soon found some other class fellows. It was a nice conversation with them about instant misconceptions built upon the efforts to built a healthy friendship and communication. After that we went inside. Few minutes were left. We went outside and had a really great and memorable conversation with everyone especially Farzan, when he was waiting for his two bossom friends (Ali Tariq and Hasseeb). Then I greeted everyone before leaving the college with Umair.

We also had great fun (and introduction soon after) with someone’s newly made friend (can’t name them for now). 😀

Oops.. It’s already 12:07 am and the date is changed to January 23 (Thursday). See you guys today after about 9 more hours (In’Sha’Allah). 🙂


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