About this Thursday

Friday has started. Before sleeping, I would like to record the sweet memories of Thursday (January 23, 2014). Today I went to Gulsher and had his number. He said he’ll go there on Sunday. He is managing too many things all at the same time, I really don’t like increasing his workload and that place is so far away. I feel ashamed asking him all the time. I know I am being selfish and I hate it. 😦

Our charming classfellow Shehryar had a problem. He didn’t appeared in mid-term exams. He and I were together and we had a good time, trying to resolve this issue. Although he was feeling pretty nervous, still I said we had good time; this is because today he shared his beautiful memories with me. Head of Department Ms. Saira recommended Shehryar’s application towards Controller of Examinations; to retake mid-term exams. She was angry that Shehryar couldn’t inform the college before taking the holidays. Fortunately the Controller of Examinations accepted his application, after giving him a warning. But he wasn’t very happy seeing a private medical certificate.

No one in our class, likes Professor who teaches un English. Unfortunately I don’t know his name. We had a discussion in our class, about his teaching methods, his criticism, his strict marking and everything. The whole class has a collective opinion that he won’t let us get through in English.

Some Secrets:
“I don’t want to play with someone’s feelings. I love people. But I want to create a strong communication friendly relationship (without involving feelings).”

“I hate when my friends force me to eat the already tasted food of a Non-Muslim, even though he’s a friend.”


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