Repeating Friday’s events on Saturday

It has become my bad habit of posting the days events so late that the date gets changed. On Friday, I had a great time with all my friends. Shehryar was very happy today. We all had tea from a female classmate (she may be angry if I name her here). Sabir Faisal and I had a nice chit chat with Adnan (from MA Part II). Missing my cell, I listened to mp3 songs on Samia’s cellphone.

Farzan, Hasseeb and Ali Tariq went to NCA (National College of Arts) to represent our college (with Adnan). And they did a pretty good job out there. Actually, better than any other students of our college. Ali Tariq’s memories of NCA (about paintings) refreshed and he was sitting alone, thinking about them deeply. I said to him, whatever you do, follow your dreams. We found a white rose and… ummm… I took it from them!

I feel guilty, pretty much, inside myself. I think I’m not sincere with myself. I don’t know what would happen here. But I must be nice with everyone, just as they deserve. I was always desparate to make friends, to get attention. I wish someone was there to hear me, like my school friends did. Hey.. why am I writing all this stuff here?

“Some people are worth melting for…” ~Frozen


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