Friends and Partners

This is my first written analysis of our class. It is functional and effective from the time when the smart students used politics to achieve political purposes which divided classmates into groups to secure their places and to fight against any political victimization.

If you want just the cream of this document, skip to the ‘Main Thing’. But if you want to read the complete, plain and sometimes boring writing of mine, continue reading ahead.

It’s about friends and partners. The term “friends and partners” was first coined by my friend Muhammad Bin Zahid. Good people don’t need an introduction, and that’s what he is, a good man, a good person, a good friend of mine!

Now, the thing is, in the land before time, when dinosaurs existed, they ate plants, trees and smaller dinosaurs, and probably saber-toothed cats and mammoths too.

Oops, excuse me or accuse me! But what was I thinking? This one is not about dinosaurs! My first article doesn’t have to be about dinosaurs, even if it is boring enough to make you yawn. But it is respectful and purposeful, just like my friends. Dinosaurs, be like partners, don’t behave as if you were a friend!

You are reading the whole dairy farm. If you want to skip the black chunky surface of my Oreo, and wish to attack just the tasty vanilla cream only, I won’t blame you, because black things are boring. But beware, in any case, if you are enjoying it, I may charge you in Chinese dollars or American yen. Well, that was a pretty lame old joke. It’s old because it is created by an old person (my existence on earth has enjoyed almost over two decades).

While writing it here, I have started listening to songs making it hard for me to think. I am listening to “Nelly – Just a Dream”, if you ever wanted to know. So I’ll just have to wrap this up. If you understand sarcasm, it’s a plus point, but if you don’t, don’t worry, I believe any normal person can understand my writing. But I have been distracted from my main idea for a long time by now, and this gives me the chills. So let’s get to where we left before, the “Friends or Partners” type thing.

The situation of my class (which is BS Mass Communication), when comes to my mind, it makes me wonder what kind of people (i.e. friends and partners) we have here. I’ve heard this pen is a powerful tool, if used rightly. Many great messages are spread through these writings, which is a nice thing. People write because they feel. As a student of Mass Communication, I decided to use my pen.

What kind of person am I, a friend or a partner? And what others are to me, to themselves, and to their friends? Before we understand this logic, first we have to differentiate between a friend and a partner.

The first difference, coming to my mind is the understanding. Friends will understand and respect your stances, personal opinions and first preferences, or they may tell you where you’re doing wrong. They will never lose you and won’t let you ever walk away the wrong path. If they aren’t your friends, they will don’t argue with you, no discussions, they won’t listen to you because they won’t speak of your differences. They will isolate you and start talking bad about you behind your back.


This article is getting serious; tensions are rising, even in my heart. In the next part, I’ll go into detail about the features of friends and partners, so bear it with me. I know the whole thing is strange, but it has a purpose and it’s a collection of my thoughts, so I just respect it whatsoever.

So first comes, THE PARTNERS…

Partners are people gathered for mutual relationship and cooperation. Partners gather for business, but in this case, they are gathered for PERSONAL and POLITICAL goals. Partnership is good for business purposes.

Now comes my buddies… THE FRIENDS!

They are beautiful. They share their feelings with you and you share yours with them. When you are sad or broken, feeling hardships or left alone, your friends will be there to love you, make you laugh and hug you.

Friends put smiles on our plain and boring faces, even in this era, when everyone cares about their own business! Friends, they eat with you and finish up your food before you do it, how selfish they are! They are not with you for their own advantages, but rather because they find something good in you and wish to stay with you. They are with you even at the time when you have nothing valuable for them. Friends have shared moments with each other, whether good, bad or exciting. They always care for each other, understand each other and respect each other’s personal opinions. They do try to change your thinking and your bad habits, but not your rules, views and stances. Because they respect you and care about you!

In a group of partners, nobody can have a personal opinion. Varied mindsets are dangerous to partnerships. It is absurd to be different in a group of partners. You may destroy the whole plan!

Personally speaking, you shouldn’t do it. First you have to know whether your partners will respect your stance or not. If you are stubborn enough not to listen to me, here is a glimpse of what you may get behind your back.

“He’s a traitor to the group!”

“He’s a double agent, working on someone else’s agenda.”

“He is shining his own politics.”

“He just wants the favors of staff, teachers and other parties.”

“He has performed a political stunt to gain attention from the other side. He is greedy for power.”

Someone might also say…

“He’s having an affair, and he’s following orders from that girl from the other side.”

Once people start backbiting, there is no end to it. It’s easier to talk like that if the strings of friendship are weakened. They may become just partners, or they may be partners from the start. These things can turn partners into strangers. But not friends, friends are not like that!

So if you are spending your time with your partners, eat up your rules, views, opinions, and your somewhat different stands with a coke chilled from the depths of the Antarctic ocean, before you get rejected  and thrown away from your very own place (the place which never belonged to you).

But let’s see how buddies would react to the situation, the very own, essential and sensational friends, my friends and your friends. What would be their remarks behind your back, when you leg your own opinions, comments or stances in the group’s mission of something classified?

Their remarks behind you would be something like this:

“He legs me intentionally, have I ever done bad to him?”

“Let’s hide his backpack; it will teach him a good lesson!”

 “He follows none; he has made his own rules.”

“Boy oh boy he’s a tough one to handle!”

“The man has priorities…”

“Why don’t we lock him up in the bathroom?”

“He is the Musharraf of our group, always taking decisions by himself…”

“He’s just a stubborn!”

“His opinion was different, but I respect it.”


Yes, respect for this kind of rightful friends! If you think your friends defend you behind your back, or at least listen to you, or discuss the problem with you, take good care of them. Don’t ever lose them because you will not find people like them everywhere. True friends are rare. If they think wrong about you, maybe they are right about you. Remember, discussions can solve a lot of problems.

Now, if you analyzed you are having a good time with partners, its okay unless you separate your thoughts. Leave the group if you are stuck in the wrong people who don’t like you and are being disrespectful towards you. Get out before you are stabbed with the blade of hatred and detest which was injected among the ones you trust by the people talking bad about you behind your back. The satisfaction of a respectful environment is just way better than the social interaction you’ll going to lose. You are a human and you have feelings. Listen to your heart, he’s also a friend.

Be aware that friends and partners wear the same uniform, so it’s up to you to identify them.

After I click the publish button, criticism will follow up, so I’m ready for it. Sometimes it won’t make much sense because it’s a collection of random thoughts coming into ones mind and written down on the plain sheets of paper. But I’ve tried my best to make it sensible.

No one is mentioned in this article. As I already said, it simply applies to our whole class, not to my friends or your friends, but a parameter to help learning personalities of each other and differentiate every one of us from each of us. This whole thing works as a mirror to first see and judge ourselves, before we judge others.

May we never fall into the groups of partners who pretend to be our friends but are actually strangers! May we always take the best care of our friends!

Written on July 18, 2014

Digitized on July 19, 2014

Comments are Welcome! Feel free to share your thoughts below…


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