Islam, History and The Red Zone

Imran Khan, Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf frequently talks about History and Islam while addressing to Azadi march participants. Let’s have a close look at both:

According to Islam, Muslims have to accept and obey the orders of their Muslim leader. Muslims can’t do uprising (baghawat) against their ruler unless he openly orders kufr.

So being a rebel and Uprising against your Muslim leader is purely haraam.

Imran Khan also has to follow and obey.

In the reign of Abu Bakr (R.A), people started saying they won’t pay zakat.

Abu Bakr (R.A) replied to Umar (R.A) on his concerns: ‘By Allah! I will fight whoever differentiates between salat and zakat, for zakat is a lawful right upon the property! By Allah! Were they to withhold even a single animal that they used to give the Prophet of Allah (S.A.W.), I will fight them over their withholding it’.

I’m reminding this event because the government of Pakistan can and should take action against Civil disobedience of Imran Khan.

Muhammad bin Qasim obeyed orders of the new Khalifah ‘Sulayman bin Abdul Malik’, even though he knew Khalifah would murder him, because Allah’s orders were more important to him than his life.

Many uprisings began under the rule of Islam Shah Suri (the successor of Sher Shah Suri), and he crushed them. Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Pakistan Army should observe examples from history just as Imran Khan does.

When entering red zone, Imran Khan and Tahir-ul-Qadri put their women (sisters, mothers and daughters) in front lines to clear the way for them. This is not manhood and this is not what Islam teaches us.

These offices (Parliament, PM House, National Assembly) are state of Pakistan’s properties and not Nawaz Sharif’s private properties so the army should defend these in any case.


One thought on “Islam, History and The Red Zone

  1. read it, its good, but let me correct, disobeying the Caliph (Khalifa) is haraam, r v following Islamic way of govt. here? v r following western democracy here, so anyone can express ones feelings whether against or same with PM or Ministers… even i can announce Civil Disobedience by myself… 🙂

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