A humble apology

Even though I know I don’t have regular readers, I would still apologise for not writing for a long time just for the sake of blogging. ๐Ÿ˜€

I started this blog in the first semester of my session (2013-17) as a B.S. Communication Studies student at Govt. MAO College (Lahore). As of today, I am in 5th semester.

To be honest, I wasn’t thinking about blogging lately. But I am starting again because I think I should. Yes, our new teacher reminded us about a blogging project that we would need to make but that is another matter.

I write for mainly two reasons:
i) To express myself
ii) To save memories

I have so many words right now yet no heart to write them. I was thinking about blogging everything I was feeling but now I think what good will happen? Will that change anything?

So many things have been changed at college. So many things have been changed in me.

I will try to cover everything. People, and particularly my friends will hate the fact that I am making things between us public – but these things will be a gem to them after several years when the friends would try to remember college life.

What has changed in the department, and what is happening with me, is the story of one of my next posts.

So yeah, I’m doing this now. Writing everything in a blog. Bear with me please. ๐Ÿ™‚

I see where this blog is going. You’re not getting any news from the department, nor any notes etc. It is becoming more like my personal college life blog.


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