Where am I when I’m not there?


Today I skipped college. And believe me or not, I regret that, a lot!

I wasn’t sick. I didn’t had any urgent pieces of work at home. I wasn’t feeling lazy. Then why did I skipped college on such a crucial day? Yes, it was crucial because our coordinator was going to complete mid-term syllabus today and I knew if I was lucky, I could get some hints about the mid-term exams.

Immediately after 11:30 AM, I started feeling guilty. I was once proud that I had maintained an excellent attendance but this was it!

I’m no longer a regular attendance.

Why did I do that? What was the reason? When I think about that, I feel even worse. I had an urgent piece of work, but that was class’ work.

Normally, I tend to avoid tedious tasks and tackle them smartly and do everything with minimal effort. But there was no way of doing newspaper work smartly. I had to do it even though I didn’t wanted to. I tried to wake up all night to complete at least three newspapers but I got unconscious and slept all night. I woke up at about 7:00 AM and realized I don’t have enough time to complete even one newspaper. I didn’t wanted to see disappointment in anyone’s eyes.

Seriously, I don’t want to do this newspaper assignment. And I know one thing for sure, I love taking lectures and hate skipping classes, but anytime I won’t be at college, it’ll be for some stupid tedious newspaper task (#AchaSorry)

I texted many friends that please note today’s “Dengue” lecture as it is going to be extremely important. But I know, the day won’t come back and I’ll regret that I disturbed my attendance and missed my classes (especially the Dengue period and Media Seminar).


2 thoughts on “Where am I when I’m not there?

  1. it happen sometimes but it doesn’t mean that you start feeling guilt it good for a moment that u feel a guilt but it’s college life so you have to enjoy it all these days whether you skip or in class it is the life you will never get back so saying that you have guilt for me it is no good you could say that i was disappointed by my behaviour or attitude

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