Viva Voce (Media Seminar)

I don’t have the time to write a summary of today’s events. Maybe I’ll do it later. But I’m going to tell you this. We had Viva Voce of ‘Media Seminar’ today. I was a tiny bit nervous at first, but it was okay as I calmed down as soon as I entered the office. I knew I had to clear my mind to assure I don’t get any blockades or thinking barriers. And I did that successfully too! I’m happy. 🙂 I know I did good. I was ready to answer any question I received and I did that. It was nothing like those job interviews we have been to when we really need to calm ourselves down. It was easy and sweet, though, a little short. It was fun and a pleasant experience. 🙂

I’ll write more about these exams but for now I need to go and prepare for tomorrow’s exams (News Writing & Reporting). It’s already 10:39 PM. See ya!


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